Have you ever thought about having flexible benefits with a wide acceptance network?

Find this and much more at LIVIX!

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Get to know our benefits


Discover the practicality and advantages of our LIVIX flag, available in various benefit modalities:
  • meal voucher
  • food voucher
  • bonuses/gift voucher
  • salary advance
  • among other agreements.

LIVIX Mastercard ® Card

LIVIX Mastercard ® Card
We transact across the entire Mastercard network, counting on the largest acceptance network in Brazil. Available in:
  • meal voucher
  • food voucher
  • bonuses/gift voucher
  • salary advance
  • among other agreements.

LIVIX Mastercard® Card Corporate

LIVIX Mastercard® Card
Speed up expense control and your company's fiscal organization, ensuring efficiency and practicality on a daily basis. Available for:
  • travel expenses
  • fleet maintenance
  • team support
  • online shopping
  • among others.

Why choose LIVIX?


Simplifies your financial management and reduces labor costs.


We have cutting-edge technology for fast and secure transactions.


Use of tax benefits and exemption from labor reflections.


Easy integration with your HR management system.


Reserve cards available for quick replacement in case of loss.


Food voucher regulated by the PAT (Worker's Food Program).


Our event management system and canteens bring prepaid card technology to your school or company, streamlining financial control.


Innovation and economy for your company.

Already our LIV/LIVIX Customer?

Already our LIV/LIVIX Customer?

Download our LIVPAY app!

Discover the perfect app to manage your benefit card!

Access your balance instantly, check detailed statements, change your password easily and block or unblock your card with just a few taps.

All this in a fast, secure and intuitive app.

Download now and have full control of your benefit card in the palm of your hand!

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Av. Paulista, 854 - 17º andar - Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP, 01310-913

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Av. Sebastião de Camargo Ribas, 1376 - Bonsucesso, Guarapuava - PR, 85.055-000

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Commercial Phone: +55 (11) 4290-1470 / +55 (42) 3622-0493

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Customer Support (WhatsApp): +55 (42) 98805-4663

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LIVIX Card Issuer and Manager Brazil LTD.

LIVIX is a leading company in business payment intelligence, with years of experience in the market. Our system is highly adaptable to the specific needs of each client, ensuring personalized and efficient solutions.